Selected Past Presentations

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"Kicking Chameleons: Early Universe Challenges for Chameleon Gravity" (recording)
Perimeter Institute Cosmology Seminar; October 2012
CWRU Astroparticle Seminar; October 2012
a seminar on chameleon gravity's strange behavior during the first minutes after the Big Bang

"The Power of Small Scales to Probe Inflation"
Cosmic Acceleration Workshop at Carnegie Mellon University: August 2012
a short presentation summarizing substructure from reheating and power-spectrum constraints from ultracompact minihalos and CMB spectral distortions

"Microhalos: Messengers from the Early Universe"
University of Illinois Astronomy Colloquium; March 2012
Rochester Institute of Technology Astronomy Colloquium; March 2012
a colloquium on substructure from reheating and using ultra-compact minihalos to probe the primordial power spectrum

"What Dark Matter Microhalos can tell us about Reheating" (recording)
Unravelling Dark Matter Conference at the Perimeter Institute; September 2011
a presentation on substructure from reheating

"Cosmology 101" (recording)
University of Toronto Summer School; July 2011
an introduction to modern cosmology for undergraduate students

"Detecting local dark matter with stellar astronomy"
Aspen Winter Conference: Indirect and Direct Detection of Dark Matter; February 2011
a talk on gravitational lensing by nearby subhalos

"Astrometric microlensing by local dark matter subhalos"
217th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society; January 2011
a short talk on gravitational lensing by nearby subhalos

"Shining light through the darkness: detecting local dark matter with stellar astrometry"
University of Waterloo Astronomy Seminar; Septemer 2010
a seminar on gravitational lensing by nearby subhalos

"Looking Beyond the Cosmological Horizon" (recording)
Caltech Everhart Lecture; March 10, 2009
a prize lecture given to the Caltech community on asymmetric inflation

"Structure Beyond the Horizon: Inflationary Origins of the Cosmic Power Asymmetry" (recording)
a seminar on asymmetric inflation that I gave at several institutions during the fall of 2008:
Fermilab theoretical astrophysics seminar, Batavia, IL; December 2008
KIPAC cosmology seminar, Stanford, CA; November 2008.
Institute for Advanced Study informal seminar, Princeton, NJ; November 2008.
UC Berkeley TAC Seminar, Berkeley, CA; October 2008.
CITA Seminar, Toronto, ON; October 2008.
Perimeter Institute Cosmology Seminar, Waterloo, ON; October 2008

"How to Generate a Cosmological Power Asymmetry"
Cosmo '08, Madison, WI; August 25, 2008
a short talk on asymmetric inflation

"Chern-Simons Gravity: its effects on bodies orbiting the Earth"
TASC Meeting at UCLA; November 1, 2007
a short talk on solar system tests of Chern-Simons gravity

"Solar System Tests DO Rule Out 1/R Gravity"
TASC Meeting at UCSB; October 20, 2006
a short talk on solar system tests of f(R) gravity