Homemade stringed instruments


These are pictures of the stringed instruments made by PHYS006D/MUSC006D students in 1999. Each of them incorporates the acoustic and aesthetic principles the students have learned about in the class.

Adam Miller plays the Cello-oar.  He bought the paddle at Wal-Mart.        Anne Catharine Kruger explains the finer points of the Strumbrella.

Ben Mappen demonstrates the tuning mechanism of the Pail Harp.        Ben Wheeless discusses the construction of the Gonzolaphone.

Caleb Pineo describes the construction of the Caveman Guitar.            Catharine Carter discusses the acoustics of the Bowlstring.

David Jack describes how he constructed the Snappolin out of            Elizabeth Kerr discusses the bridge on her Water Harp.
a Snapple bottle.

Jennie Davis discusses the differences in the resonance of the                John Kurtz tells how the addition of a bridge to the Skatar makes
Kleenex Kythera when the back is open or closed.                                    it playable but unridable.

Ken Varner explains what makes the sound of the Whangjo so            Matt Martin plays the Sledola da gamba.

See the homemade wind instruments.

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