Homemade wind instruments


These are the wind instruments the students made in 1999. Some are double-reed instruments like the oboe, some are excited by an air jet (like the flute), and some are lip-driven like a trumpet.


Elizabeth plays the Panda Flute, which                    Caleb calls this instrument "Tylenol Not
she made from a bamboo plant and a                          Included," perhaps because it is a bit shrill.
bassoon reed.                                                         It is a double-reed instrument, with the cut end
                                                                            of the straw serving as the reed.

John's Kurtzophone works on a principle similar to                            Ken jams on the Party Pipe, so named because it
Caleb's instrument, but with fingerholes to allow a                                sounds like a New Year's Eve party favor.
wider range of pitches.

Anne Catherine plays a set of pan pipes she made from copper tubing.  She selected the lengths so the pipes play an F# scale.

Catherine's flute (which she named "Ed") is made from PVC piping.  She drilled the fingerholes with a heated nail. 

Adam's Stretch Horn incorporates a bellows so that the length of the cylindrical section can be changed.  This is similar to the design of a trombone.

Ben plays the Sewage Horn (made from sewage pipe). The mouthpiece has a constriction, like a trumpet.  The bell is made from a paper cup.

Jennie's Scytheridu was made from a Halloween
decoration.  It is played like the Australian

Here are a few more photos of the wind instruments, courtesy of Dan Sears of the UNC News Bureau. 


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