Fabian Heitsch

Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
CB 3255, Phillips Hall 292
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3255
Model HVC: column, centroid velocity and velocity dispersion.

Evolution and fate of High Velocity Clouds (HVCs). These clouds presumably provide fuel for feeding Galactic star formation (e.g. Putman+ 12), yet their origin is still a matter of debate. Fluid dynamics simulations help to ...

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Model protostellar core: column and polarization vectors.

Magnetic fields are ubiquitous in interestellar gas. Taking their observed strength at face-value, they should dominate interstellar gas dynamics up to the point of star formation. Yet, this does not seem to be the case...

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Turbulent magnetized interface.

Local amplification of magnetic fields in shocks and turbulent interfaces plays a role for particle acceleration and for interstellar medium dynamics in general. The detailed field structure depends on...

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At the AFDL@UNC, undergraduate and graduate students work on their own projects -- from star formation around black holes and chemistry of molecular clouds to MCMC models of 3D HVC orientation. To find out more...

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