Measurement Uncertainty Instructional Resources

Definitions of key terms

Facets of thinking about measurement uncertainty

Conference talks presented by Duane Deardorff and other NCSU physics education researchers

    "Introductory Physics Students' Treatment of Measurement Uncertainty", AAPT  Summer 2001

     "Reporting Measurement Uncertainties According to the ISO Guide", 127th AAPT meeting, Summer 2003

Measurement Uncertainty Quiz and Answers

Recommended Books for physics students

Measurements and Uncertainty Analysis Guide for introductory physics students at UNC-CH

Measurement Comparison Tool - This Excel file provides a quick and easy way to visually examine measurements and their uncertainties to determine if they agree with each other or are significantly different.  Corresponding normal distributions and p-values are also provided.

Doctoral Dissertation by Duane Deardorff, "Introductory Physics Students' Treatment of Measurement Uncertainty," NC State University, 2001.

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