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Research Opportunities in the Optical Coherence Imaging Laboratory

Postdocs: I am always looking for postdoctoral researchers who have an interest in optical and acoustic imaging for biomedical applications. Postdoc openings in my laboratory occur 1-2 times per year, and often come and go very quickly! So, if you may be interested in research in my laboratory, please email me your resume at any time (including your email address, educational background, employment history, list of publications, and any other relevant activities, as a PDF file). I will review your resume and keep it on file, notifying you when there is a new opening relevant to your background.

Current UNC Graduate Students: We have a large number of active research projects. At this time I cannot guarantee long-term funding for new graduate students, however, students in my laboratory do typically gain RA funding on a seniority basis. Students working toward the PhD in the departments of Physics and Astronomy, Biomedical Engineering, or Applied Sciences at UNC should contact me with your resume and research interests.

Prospective UNC Graduate Students: If you are interested in applying to graduate school in
Physics and Astronomy or Biomedical Engineering and want to know more about research opportunities, please feel free to contact me.

Current UNC Undergraduate Students: I typically host several undergraduate researchers in my group at any given time, but please be advised the process for getting into my lab can be competitive! I have several times more requests than I have positions. If you want to get your foot in the door, one of the best ways is to offer to apply for a SURF or other fellowship to pay your own way, or to work as part of a thesis project or for course credit. Please contact me with your resume, ideally 2-3 months before the semester or summer you wish to start working. Preference will generally be given to sophomores and juniors, although freshman are still encouraged to apply.

Please contact Dr. Oldenburg with the particular criterion you fit from the list above. I do NOT have positions for non-PhDs unless you are currently enrolled as a UNC student.

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