NCCNM Faculty, Staff and Students

University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC

Department of Physics



Office Office Phone Email Address
CHENG, Yuan Graduate Student 136 Phillips 962-3905 cheng@physics.unc.edu
CHEONG, Jin-Dong Graduate Student


FALVO, Michael Research Assistant Professor 164 Phillips 962-9346


FLEMING, Les Graduate Student 108 Phillips 962-3526


HARLEY, Eric Graduate Student 214 Phillips 962-3685


HE, Liang Graduate Student 130 Phillips 962-1052


HUDSON, Maggie Program Administrator 282 Phillips 962-4057 maggie@physics.unc.edu
KLEINHAMMES, Alfred Research Assistant Professor 179 Phillips 962-5929 kleinham@physics.unc.edu
LU, Jianping Associate Professor 250 Phillips 962-3012 jpl@physics.unc.edu
MAO, Shenghun Graduate Student 409 Phillips 962-3998


MCNEIL, Laurie E. Asst. Chair, Applied Sci.  Professor 166 Phillips 962-7204 mcneil@physics.unc.edu
PAPADAKIS, Stergios Postdoc 142 Phillips 962-7298 papadaks@physics.unc.edu
SUPERFINE, Richard Associate Professor 168 Phillips 962-1185 rsuper@physics.unc.edu
TSUI, Frank Assistant Professor 160 Phillips 962-0305 ftsui@physics.unc.edu
WASHBURN, Sean Professor, Chair Applied Science 170 Phillips 962-9382 sean@physics.unc.edu
WU, Yue Associate Professor 180 Phillips 962-0307 yuewu@physics.unc.edu
ZHANG, Jian Graduate Student 142 Phillips 962-7298 jzh@physics.unc.edu
ZHAO, Ji-Jun Research Assistant Professor 244 Phillips 962-1386 zhaoj@physics.unc.edu
ZHOU, Otto Z. Associate Professor, Director Material Science 158 Phillips 962-3297 zhou@physics.unc.edu

Department of Chemistry

BOLAND, John J.J. Hermans Professor,   Adj. Prof., Applied Sci 18-1A Venable 962-6293 boland@net.chem.unc.edu
CHENG, Bin Postdoc 13-16 Venable 962-1610
MURRAY, Royce Kenan Professor C-342 Kenan 069 962-6296 rwm@email.unc.edu
SAMULSKI, Edward Cary Boshamer Professor 18-1D Venable 962-1561 et@unc.edu
STADERMANN, Michael Graduate Student


ZHANG, Jian Postdoc

Department of Computer Science

FRIDMAN, Yoni Graduate Student 321 Sitterson 962-1967 fridman@cs.unc.edu
PIZER, Stephen M. Kenan Professor 222 Sitterson 962-1785 smp@cs.unc.edu
SEEGER, Adam Graduate Student Sitterson seeger@cs.unc.edu
TAYLOR, Russell M. Research Assoc. Professor 237 Sitterson 962-1701 taylorr@cs.unc.edu

Duke University

Durham, NC

Department of Chemistry

LI, Yan Postdoc 101 Gross Chemistry Bldg. 919-660-1593 yanli@chem.duke.edu

LIU, Jie

Assistant Professor

332 Gross Chemistry Bldg.



North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

ARESHKIN, Denis Graduate Student 241 Riddick 919-513-2424 denis@cassidy.mte.ncsu.edu

BRENNER, Donald W.

Associate Professor

241 Riddick



Department of Physics

BERNHOLC, Jerry Professor 406-A Cox 919-515-3126 bernholc@ncsu.edu
NARDELLI, Marco Postdoc 304 Cox 919-515-7991 nardelli@nemo.physics.ncsu.edu
ROLAND, Chris Assistant Professor 406-B Cox 919-515-3170 roland@gatubela.physics.ncsu.edu

Microelectronic Center of North Carolina (MCNC)

Research Triangle Park, NC

PALMER, W. Devereux Engineer 3021 Cornwallis Road 919-248-1945 dpalmer@mcnc.org
STONER, Brian Engineer 3021 Cornwallis Road 919-248-1119 stoner@mcnc.org
TEMPLE, Dorota Engineer 3021 Cornwallis Road 919-248-1455 temple@mcnc.org