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Research Group

Back Row (left to right): Derrick Carr, Ella Castelloe, Melanie Elliott, Nate Cleaves (graduated May 2019).
Front Row (left to right): Joel Bernstein, Zack Hutchens, Pablo Lechon (graduated May 2019), Sheila Kannappan, Mugdha Polimera.

Graduate Students

Zack Hutchens is a PhD student working on constructing group catalogs for volume-limited subsurveys selected in different redshift ranges within LADUMA, using RESOLVE and ECO to simulate data quality and completeness issues.

Derrick Carr is a PhD student working on defining a census of compact core galaxies in RESOLVE and ECO and using dynamics, structure, star formation history, and environment to distinguish these galaxies' formation channels.

Mugdha Polimera is a PhD student working on finding traditionally overlooked AGN (active galactic nuclei) in low-metallicity and/or star-forming galaxies and performing Bayesian likelihood-based AGN classification for RESOLVE and ECO.

Undergraduate Students

Joel Bernstein is a sophomore working on detecting counterrotating stars and other kinematic signature of mergers and disk regrowth in lenticular galaxies in RESOLVE.

Ella Castelloe is a junior exploring ways to identify and characterize galaxy groups and proto-groups in RESOLVE and ECO for evolutionary comparison with LADUMA.

Melanie Elliott is a junior performing rotation curve decomposition combining RESOLVE and VLA/ALMA data to assess undetected gas and dark matter in three small groups in varying evolutionary stages.


Former graduate student and postdoctoral advisees and where they are now:
Lisa Wei (coadvised with S. Vogel and A. Baker) (UMD PhD 2010): SMA fellow at Harvard-Smithsonian CfA (2010-2012); data scientist in industry
Mark Norris (postdoc 2008-2012): postdoc at MPIA Heidelberg (2012-2015); faculty at U. of Central Lancashire, UK
Amanda Moffett (PhD 2013): GAMA postdoc at ICRAR/UWA (2013-2016); Stevenson postdoctoral fellow at Vanderbilt; faculty at U. of North Georgia starting fall 2019
David Stark (PhD 2015): Kavli IPMU postdoctoral fellow at U. of Tokyo
Erik Hoversten (postdoc 2012-2015): data scientist in industry
Kathleen Eckert (PhD 2016): postdoc at U Penn working with Prof. Gary Bernstein
Elaine Frazer (nee Snyder) (MA 2016): research and instrument analyst, Space Telescope Science Institute
Charles Bonfield (MA 2018): data scientist in industry

Former undergraduate advisees in graduate school (or beyond!) in astrophysics:
Ashley D. Baker - U Penn
Kirsten R. Hall - Johns Hopkins
David Hendel - Columbia (now a postdoc at Toronto)
Callie Hood - UC Santa Cruz
Katrina Litke - Arizona
Michael Palumbo - Penn State
Christine Ray - UT San Antonio/SWRI
Angelica Rivera - Drexel
Danny Rosenberg - Appalachian State (now in private industry)
Kya Sorli - UC Boulder
Kate Storey-Fisher (coadvised with A. Erickcek) - NYU
Asher Wasserman (co-advised with A. Baker) - UC Santa Cruz