The students showed their creativity and resourcefulness as well as their knowledge of acoustics in the stringed instruments they built.

Alex Danilowicz plays the Frito Layman's  Box Bass, and Wilson Fuller discusses the characteristics of The Obilterator.

The Magical Dole Dobro (Luke Selden) is made from a pineapple can, and The Thing (Toby Butts) incorporates some unidentified hardware.

David Spencer's Gatorharp is intriguingly (if unintentionally) asymmetrical.  Michael Johnson was forced by geometry to use an unusual string order for Bum Notes.

Christy Nell gave up ber best bowl for the Bowl Harp.  Megan Ketch's Instrument of Noise uses a picture frame corner.

Trevor Hutton's lap harp is called 42, and sounds rather like a koto.  Doug Little ate a lot of chocolate chip cookies before assembling the Cookie Tin Banjo.

The Spoonsichord uses dimes for plectra.  One of the keys got broken when Annie Poskozim bumped into someone on the way to class.
Being a drummer, Jamie Darst plays the Darstimer with sticks.  The frame is from a baby stroller.

The Dave Clark & The Hot Nuts Weekend Killer gets its name from an encounter Jonathan Thompson had with the bandleader in the hardware store.
Daniel Thigpen sacrificed some items from his Star Wars Pez dispensers collection for Chewbacca's Consonant Chromator.

Mikey Truzy calls his instument Some of String, because it contains "some of everything."

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