Here are some pictures from the performances on Dec. 2 and 7, 1999. News reporters were there to cover the events, and the performances were featured on the 10:00 p.m. WLFL-22 TV news (Dec. 2), in the Dec. 8 edition of The Chapel Hill News and  the Dec. 12 edition of The Chapel Hill Herald (on the front page of both papers!), and in the Dec. 15 edition of the University Gazette (in the centerfold).
The audience in Person Hall appreciates the performance of Variations on the Blue Danube Waltz by Caleb Pineo.  The performers (left to right) are Ben Mappen, Ken Varner, Anne Catherine Kruger, and Caleb Pineo.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Chapel Hill News

Here the duo of Matt Martin and Ken Varner play Variation on the theme from "The Beverly Hillbillies" (see lyrics below) on the Sledola da Gamba and the Whang-jo. They also performed "Grandfather's Clock." (Photo by Grant Halverson/Chapel Hill News)

"Now here's a little story 'bout a Freshman Seminar
in the form of a song on which I've worked so long and hard.
I wanted y'all to hear it--so here it go
with Sledola da Gamba and this whacky Whangjo...

...accompaniment, that is, stringed instruments, homemade...

Well, throughout the semester we've been learnin' lots of things,
building instruments like winds, building instruments with strings;
made of stuff like sleds and bottles of Snapple,
the crazy things you think of as a student at Chapel...

...Hill, that is, the southern part of heaven, UNC...

So thanks to Mr. Wissick and Dr. McNeil,
we've combined knowledge from two very different fields--
It wasn't always easy but at least we all had fun,
and with that said I guess that I'm done...

Y'all come back next year now, ya hear?"

Adam Miller explains the characteristics of his Cello-oar before performing his composition, "Baa, Baa Black Sheep."
Photo by Dan Sears/UNC News Bureau

  Catherine Carter and Anne Catherine Kruger prepare to play their compositions "Sine Forma" and "Lullaby" for Sewage Flute and Flexi-Panpipes. 
Photo by Dan Sears/UNC News Bureau

Jennie Davis plays her composition for solo Scytheridu with Caveman Guitar accompaniment.
Photo by Bill Willcox/Herald-Sun Photos

Bluesman John Kurtz plays the Skatar. He played two duets with Ben Mappen.
Photo by Dan Sears/UNC News Bureau

Prof. Wissick (left) and 
Prof. McNeil (right)
enjoy the concert. 

Photo by Dan Sears/UNC News Bureau (left)

Photo by Grant Halverson/Chapel Hill News (right)

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