Symposium on Horizons in Astronomy and Physics Education

Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Programs from recent years


2020 Speakers:

Dr. Chris Bower (X Display) Physics: Preparation for Life in a High-Tech Startup

Dr. Stephanie Sedberry (UNC-G) Improving Student Success in STEM with Classroom Interventions: Self-Efficacy, Growth Mindset, Belonging, and Motivation

Prof. Andrew Mann (UNC-CH) Exoplanets Across Space and Time

Prof. Gokce Basar (UNC-CH) The Big, the Small, and Unity in Physics

2020 Hands-on activities:

Prof. Stefan Jeglinski (UNC-CH) Making Lights Blink and Performing Physics Experiments: Microcontrollers for Fun and Profit

2019 Speakers:

Prof. Robert Janssens (UNC-CH) It's Nuclear: The Hulk, Gamma Rays, the Atomic Nucleus and Shining Stars

Mr. Michael Wilson (NCSU) Bringing Light into the Light: Redesigning How We Portray Electromagnetic Waves for Better Student Understanding

Dr. Tom Clegg (UNC-CH) Why is the Globe Warming? How Physics Explains the Earth's Temperature Rise

Dr. Allison Hartman (Leica MIcrosystems) A-Scan, B-Scan, Eye Scan: Using Optical Coherence Tomography to Create 3D Eye Images

2019 Hands-on activities:

Prof. Dan Young (UNC-CH) Astronomy by Sight

2018 Speakers:

Prof. Amy Nicholson (UNC-CH) From Quarks to Stars: Understanding the Strong Nuclear Force

Prof. Daphne Klotsa (UNC-CH) Swarms of Penguins, Cells and Robots: A Glimpse into the World of Active Matter

Dr. Tom Shafer (Elder Research) A Path from Physics to Data Science

Ms. Nina Morley Daye (Trinity School, Durham) What Are We Building? How Building Machines and Robots Creates Stronger People

2018 Hands-on activities:

Prof. Laurie McNeil (UNC-CH) The Interplay of Physics and Music

2017 Speakers:

Dr. Mike Falvo (UNC-CH) Teaching Nanobiophysics Concepts Using Model Building Activities

Dr. Jason West (UNC-CH) Physics of Our Planet: Factors Influencing the Earth's Climate

Dr. Chuck Evans (UNC-CH)  The Dawn of Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Mr. Walt McMillan (MPSC) Beyond Elementary Science: Opportunities for High School Students at Morehead Planetarium and Science Center


2017 Hands-on activities:

Dr. Paula Engelhardt (Tennessee Tech) LEAPing into Science

2016 Speakers:

Dr. Reyco Henning (UNC-CH) The 2015 Nobel Prize: Neutrinos, SNO and the UNC-CH Connection

Dr. Colleen Countryman (NCSU) Using iPhones in Physics Labs

Mr. Josh Fuchs (UNC-CH)  Tales from the Crypt: Surprises in the Graveyard of Stars

Ms. Lei Zhang (UNC-CH) A Nanotechnology-Based Microbeam Radiation Therapy System for Brain Cancer Treatment


2016 Hands-on activities:

Dr. David Smith (UNC-CH) Connecting physics and biology through collaborative learning activities

2015 Speakers:

Dr. Aaron LaCluyze (UNC-CH) Robotic Telescopes and Astronomy's Future

Dr. Joaquin Drut (UNC-CH) From Condensed Matter to High-Energy Physics: Introducing Quantum Monte Carlo at All Levels

Dr. Ty Hedrick (UNC-CH)  Biomechanics of Bird Flight

Mr. Jeff Milbourne (NCSSM) Ill-Structured Problem Solving with High School Physics Students


2015 Hands-on activities:

Dr. Colin Wallace (UNC-CH) How to Facilitate Active Learning in the Astronomy and Physics Classroom

2014 Speakers:

Dr. Bob Behringer (Duke) Secrets of the Sandbox

Dr. Nick Cabot (UNC-CH) Next Generation Science Standards: Make it So!

Dr. Adrienne Erickcek (UNC-CH)  Inflation: The Universe's Growth Spurt

Dr. Nicholas Law (UNC-CH) Exoplanets, Digital Cameras, and a North Pole Adventure


2014 Hands-on activities:

Dr. Jeffrey LaCosse (Charles E. Jordan High School) Implementing Modeling Physics Instruction in the Classroom

2013 Speakers:

Dr. Yee Jack Ng (UNC-CH) The Higgs Boson (aka the Godxxx Particle)

Dr. Erik Hoversten (UNC-CH) Catching Gamma Ray Bursts on the Fly: NASA's Swift Gamma Ray Burst Explorer

Dr. Rene Lopez (UNC-CH)  Alternatives Beyond Silicon Solar Cells: Up and Beyond on Butterfly Wings

Dr. Ian Beatty (UNC-G) What Do Video Games Have to Teach Us About Teaching and Learning?


2013 Hands-on activities:

Dr. David Smith (UNC-CH) Assessing and Discussing Student Understanding: Examples from DC Circuits

2012 Speakers:

Dr. Dr. Gerald Cecil (UNC-CH) 21st-Century Energy Options: Assumptions & Complications

Dr. Amy Oldenburg (UNC-CH) How Physics Drives Innovations in Biomedical Optics

Dr. Stefan Jeglinski (UNC-CH)  Adventures of a Rocket Scientist

Dr. Fabian Heitsch (UNC-CH) Recycling in the Universe: The Chemical Enrichment of the Young Solar System


2012 Hands-on activities:

Dr. Mike Falvo (UNC-CH) Self-Assembly: How Nature Builds

Dr. Sheila Kannappan (UNC-CH) and Mr. Keith Starr (KIPP Pride High School), AIMs: Astronomy Instructional Modules for Physics