Jianping Lu


Department of physics and Astronomy

Curriculum in Applied and Materials Science


        This semester I teach PHYS 260, Quantum Mechanics.

        In the Fall of 1994, 95, 96, 98, 99 I taught PHYS 61: Introduction to Computational Physics.

        In the Spring and Fall of 1997 I taught PHYS 25: General Physics II.

        Other courses I taught include

o       PHYS 159 Introduction to Solid State Physics

o       PHYS 271 -- Solid State Physics II

o       PHYS 272 Advanced Solid State Physics.


My current research focus on physics of Carbon Nanotubes. Applications of carbon nanotubes include from next generation of electronic devices and nano-eletro-mechanical systems (NEMS), high capacity energy storage materials, efficient electron field emission devices, high performance composte materials, Nanotubes are stiffer and tougher than diamond and can be used to build Sky-Elevataor.

More details on Carbon Nanotube research at UNC can be found at North Carolina Center for Nanoscale Materials.

Other areas of my researcg includes:

        Nano scale science and technology

        Fullerene and Fullerides

        High temperature superconductors

        Computational materials physics

        Neural network model of human brain


My research group consists of:

        Postdoctoral associates Dr. Alper Buldum

        Postdoctoral associates Dr. Jijun Zhao

        Graduate student Calin Buia

Past graduate students include:

        Dr. Daniel Kahn, now researches associate at U.S. Army Research Office and North Carolina State University.

        Dr. Rochelle Lao, now a senior analyst at Bank of America.


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