E-mail me at jeglin a t physics dot u n c dot edu
Office: Phillips 174
Other Locations you might find me:
  • Phillips 208 or 116
  • Hanes or Murray Makerspaces
  • Linda's Bar and Grill
  • Neal's Deli or Med Deli
phone: they took our phones away :-(
my dept page: users.physics.unc.edu

Classes & Schedules, Fall 2021:
  • PHYS118 Classical Mechanics & Special Relativity
    • Lecture 001-002: In-person MWF 8:00-9:55
      Studios 501-505: In-person MW as per ConnectCarolina
      Studio 506: In-person TTh 08:00-09:50
      Syllabi available at Sakai Login
Other Courses:
  • PHYS231 Physical Computing (next: SP22)
    • Hardcore microcontrollers + RaspberryPi
      Sensors + Programming + Makerspace
      SP21 Syllabus
  • PHYS55 Introduction to Mechatronics (next: FA22)
    • Intro microcontrollers + Makerspace
      Simulated Reality + Neural Networks
      Ramifications of Artificial Intelligence
      FA20 Syllabus
Office Hours — by appt only (15-min blocks), click on dotted link:
  • advising (Quant Finance or Physics)
    • 15 min is appropriate for hold releases
    • Book 2 contiguous 15-min appts for longer consultations
  • phys118 (Classical Mechanics & Special Relativity)
    • 15 min is appropriate for quick consultations
    • Book 2 contiguous 15-min appts for longer consultations
    • Physics questions? Attend FA21 office hours (TTh 4-6p)
    • Please consider using the Forum – you'll get a faster answer!
  • phys231 (Physical Computing)
    • 15 min is appropriate to say hi or discuss the course topics
    • Book contiguous 15-min appts for instrumentation, programming, or project consultations
  • phys55 (First Year Seminar – Mechatronics)
    • 15 min is appropriate to say hi
    • book contiguous 15-min appts for philosophical consultations or a discussion of whether you merely exist in The Matrix
    • if chased by robotic overlords, take a thorazine and call 911

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