A review of the book has been published by Eric Sheldon, Contemporary Physics, Vol. 49, No. 6 (2008) p. 449-453:

"...In developing his fine presentation of nuclear astrophysics Christian Iliadis provides enough detailed basic nuclear physics in a stimulating and instructive manner to serve for an excellent general nuclear pedagogic text in its own right, while offering the key to an understanding of the complicated stellar processes underlying the evolution and demise of stars. This comprehensive overview succeeds in being admirably up-to-date, clearly presented, thoughtful and informative, designed not only as a fine contemporary account of an important topic at a major stage of its development but as a work of reference for scholars and researchers in this intricately challenging, majestic field of enquiry..."

The book can be ordered at:

--> www.wiley-vch.de
--> www.amazon.com
--> www.deutschesfachbuch.de

If you are a course instructor and are interested in ordering the solutions manual for this book, please send an email to iliadis@unc.edu.