Real-world Problems for Phys25, Summer 2006

Real-world problems bridge the gap between typical physics textbook problems and the complex and intricate problems that face us every day.  To learn more, check out the criteria for a good real-world problem.

For each real-world problem, write a complete solution using the GOAL problem-solving protocol.  Carefully consider any assumptions you make in solving the problem, along with an explanation of how the answer would vary under different conditions.  Clearly specify any estimations you make, and be sure your answer will agree with anyone else who correctly analyzes the same problem.

Sample - Pizza Problemsolution

RWP1 - Gel Electrophoresis , solution

RWP2 - MRI Health and Safety , solution

RWP for Exam 1 - Stealing Power , solution

RWP3 - Contact Lenses , solution

More than one way to solve a problem