Art Champagne

 Class of 1989/ William C. Friday Professor of Physics

  Department of Physics and Astronomy,
  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  Phillips Hall,
  CB3255, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

  phone: (919) 962-7205
  fax: (919) 962-0480


My research interests lie in the area of nuclear astrophysics. Stars shine
by the light of nuclear reactions. The ashes of this nuclear burning are the
heavy elements that we see in the solar system and in ourselves. Nuclear
astrophysics seeks to explain the origin and abundances of the elements and
by extension, the evolution of stars and of the galaxy as a whole. Laboratory
work in nuclear astrophysics involves identifying and measuring the nuclear
reactions that provide insight into stellar processes.

Our program is based at the Laboratory for Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics
(LENA), located at the
Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL). LENA
is a twin-accelerator facility, designed to produce intense, low-energy beams. Other
accelerator systems at TUNL include a 10-MV tandem van de Graaff, and the
High-Intensity Gamma Source (HIGS).

      background photo: Robert Lupton and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Consortium