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Infinite Cylinder Optical Tool Matlab-based Truss Analysis Tool
Starting from a truss analysis tool developed by Hossein Rajami in 2007
And reformatted for readability by Frank McHugh in 2012
I have further reformatted the tool and provided step-by-step documentation appropriate for an undergraduate course in physics or structural engineering. I have also added 3D visualization of the resulting tensions and compressions in the truss model, as shown in the below image. Here is a zip file of the code and documentation. I'd be interested to hear from you if you adapt it for your course!

Infinite Cylinder Optical (ICO) Tool
Developed by Dr. Daniel Brandl under the supervision of Prof. Amy Oldenburg, ICO Tool allows the user to specify wavelength-dependent material refractive indexes for both the cylinder and surrounding medium, and to compute the optical scattering, absorption, and extinction as a function of wavelength or cylinder diameter. One can also specify the incident angle with respect to the axis of the cylinder.

Screen shot of the ICO tool

Copyright and all rights therein for ICOTool are retained by Amy L. Oldenburg and Daniel Brandl. These works may not be reposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holders.

For more information, please read the ICO tool readme.

To download the program, save (1.3 MB) to your computer, extract the files into a common folder, and double-click the ICOTool.exe program to run. The program will NOT run directly from the zip folder!

We appreciate your feedback: email Prof. Oldenburg at

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