Coherence Imaging Group, Research Action Photos 2015

Magnetomotive Ultrasound (MMUS) Project

MMUS Research Team: Diwash Thapa (left) and Justin Sierchio (right)

MMUS system in action

Guts of a melted solenoid coil

Open-air MMUS setup with transducer & magnets

Ultrahigh Resolution OCT System Projects

Rich Blackmon adjusting the OCT interferometer

Xiao Yu aligning the OCT spectrometer

Eric Boyers designing the new OCT data acquisition system

Guts of the OCT interferometer

Pre-Clinical Anatomic OCT (aOCT) System

aOCT Research Team: Santosh Balakrishnan (left), Ruofei Bu (middle) and Hillel Price (right)

Ruofei Bu setting up the bronchoscopy system

Pre-clinical cart set up for elastography measurements

aOCT in action

Hillel examines a 3D-printed upper airway phantom